Connect to the world around you easier and faster with VOICE.

Meet new people, chat in public and private, and make your voice heard wherever you are.

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Android app on Google Play

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How to Join the Conversation

  • 1. Choose how far you want your voice to travel and pick a range
  • 2. Attach a photo and/or tag a friend
  • 3. Add your comments in 150 characters or less
  • 4. Say, shout or holler your thoughts to the world around you!
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Headed to a Festival, Concert or Night Out?

You and your friends can create and share incredible memories that you won't have to untag or delete later. Never miss out on what's happening around you - with VOICE you are always in the moment.

Social media just became social again.


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About Us

We are a team of designers and doers. The products we make are beautiful, disruptive, and useful. Our mission is to create an unparalleled worldwide voice and put that power directly in the hands of people everywhere. We begin with a revolutionary concept and everything else follows.